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Alchemy brings to you a most impressive range of unique interior creative paint finishes for your finest projects. The creation of these finishes relies on the skill of our Alchemist understanding intimately the properties of a cornucopia of diverse materials and how they combine, react and conflict to create striking interior results.

We have developed this site to showcase the unique finishes and highlight the ways they can be used. The range has been launched with nearly 150 finishes with a similar number to be revealed over the coming months. What you see here are merely suggestions, as each can be further manipulated by adjusting pattern, colour and texture to create an entirely bespoke finish.

If you would like to see some of the creative finishes for yourself we would be happy to arrange a consultation with you; however, that's no substitute for a visit to our own premises to see the entire range for yourself. Bring with you pieces of fabric, photographs even flowers, and the Alchemist can start the process of working with you to realise your vision.

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