About Alchemy

All the paint finishes portrayed on this continually expanding website have been designed, considered, tested, and created over many years from a knowledge base born of decades of experience.

Sprayed, blown, trickled, layered, masked, splattered and textured, the techniques are endless and require significant skill to achieve but without the ability of the Alchemist to manipulate shape and balance colour, they are not sufficient to create a beautiful finish.

To discover more about creating an environment decorated using an Alchemy treatment, please refer to our 'Possibilities' page.

Brian Banks, 'The Alchemist'

Brian has been a polisher for most of his adult working life, initially working in the shop-fitting sector before moving into bespoke furniture in 2002.

Utilising clear lacquers, stains, paints, oils and waxes in sometimes challenging but usually orthodox ways, Brian created specific techniques that enabled him to surpass the exacting demands from his customers.

However, in 2012 he considered new ways of using the materials of his trade, and going against all the accepted wisdom adopted a "what if, and I wonder what" attitude. He embarked on some early trials with various materials and paints and after several months of testing had produced an amazing selection of fantastic finishes, which when combined with a burnished high gloss creates results that are truly spectacular.

To see just how spectacular why not let our Alchemist create an interior that is truly unique for you, or, come and pay Brian a visit?