The Possibilities

In testing and developing this range of creative paints we have identified new and exciting ways of using specialist finishes, including our soon to be launched ‘Duo’ range of two-tone textured flip finishes. Applied to a wall and approached from opposite directions, the applied finish will present different colours as you approach.

With Alchemy you can;-

  • Select textures/patterns/colours and or create entirely new combinations to suit your individual needs.
  • Use as abstract art for stunning features in Luxury Hotels, Restaurants, Night Clubs and Super Yachts.
  • Work with us to develop the most suitable and creative finishes for any situation including  Drawing rooms, Reception rooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Doors and  Wall panelling.
  • Create a collection of items i.e. furniture/display cases/picture frames etc.
  • Commission us to create a bespoke finish as a new scheme, or complement and enhance an existing scheme or item.
  • Specify any level of sheen from matt to high gloss.

Some materials may not be suitable for either the finishes or the method of application. However, it is possible to conceive of an entire room including the furniture and potentially fabrics covered completely with Alchemy finishes, in fact the only creative limit is imagination.